Episode 1: Boston here I come

The dirt and rocks beneath my shoes crunched as I walked back to where I was staying. I was working on a project here in Cyrènes. It was an archaeologist’s dream, walking through one of the most important Ancient Greek cities.


When I returned to my small home, I packed up my heavy books. The years and years of textbooks all stacked up, all about Ancient Greece. Ah yes, the place I had dreamed of rediscovering. Alas, it was gone, but I still had managed to discover memories and treasures of our past. Harvard and the American School of Classical Studies had prepared me for this, this world of discovery and archeology. But I miss my home, America. They have stopped my explorations and expeditions, for war is looming over us. I have chosen to return home, alas there is no possibility of my work returning until this war is over.   


So I boarded a boat, a transatlantic steamship to home. I miss breathing in the crisp air of Cambridge and the scholarly halls of Harvard. The salty air made me sick. Men, women, and children huddled under scarves and blankets. They must be escaping the war while they can. They must be trying to get to Ellis Island. I’m just waiting to hit land. Boston, here I come.


As I climbed off the boat, people stand around, worried about what’s in the newspaper. A paper flew by my ear, and I managed to grab it. The fear was clearly evident in the title: “Germany Declares WAR; All Europe In Arms.”

In what month in 1914 does Germany declare war?